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The Langtons of Langton by Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England

Juan Esteban Langton of Argentina, has a known and recorded descent from the Langtons of Langton by Spilsby, Lincolnshire. We therefore know that this is the Langton by Spilsby dna profile, and anyone matching it will know that they are from that village originally.

Kenneth Earl Langton is from another branch of the same family above, but instead of moving to Argentina, his ancestors settled in Canada. Family tree research has established that they are third cousins once removed. The DNA test confirms this with the two profiles being very close with just two mutations (464d and Y-Gata-A10)

Roger Langton of Australia, has traced his family tree back to the Spilsby Langtons through the Elsham (North Lincolnshire) Langtons. His DNA test confirms his family tree is correct as his DNA profile matches the above with an 11/12 match.

Further, we have since recieved additional confirmation from another Langton who descends from the Elsham Langtons. Raymond Langton's DNA is an 18/20 match with Juan Esteban and a 12/12 match with Roger.

Craig Frederick Langton of the USA joined the project and ordered a test. We did a little research based on their location and name and found other Langtons in the family who traced back to North Lincolnshire (the same towns where Roger and Raymond's family came from) so we predicted that their DNA results when they arrived should match this group. We were pleased to see that we were correct, and it confirms yet again this groups origins at Langton by Spilsby.

Jacob LangSton's dna matches this profile, and so we strongly suspect his name has drifted to Langston (probably while in the USA) from Langton. See the Langston articles for details:

Langton Langston Langstone are they the same name?

Langston Origins Revisited

In the header picture, you can see where the I2a haplogroup is thought to have originated about eight-thousand years ago, but it could have been as early as 12 thousand years ago or as late as 4 thousand years ago.

The Langton by Spilsby, Lincolnshire group is a perfect match with the haplogroup subclade nicknamed I2a-Western. At ISOGG (the SNP tree standardization body usually preferred here) this subclade is known as I2a1c, although you'll also see "I2a3" (at FTDNA and others that still don't recognize L460) and "I2a1c1" (at places that are ahead of the game and recognize L624 already).