About this Langton profile, belonging to the haplogroup R1b

Alex Langton's family had been traced back to Langton by Spilsby, Lincolnshire. However, his DNA did not match the results we held for Juan Estaban Langton who also traced back to Langton by Spilsby. This anomaly needed exploring further. Both trees looked good, so we had to wait for more results to match one of these two profiles. Roger Langton of Australia also traced back to Langton by Spilsby, and his DNA matched Juan Esteban's profile. This confirmed that Alex Langtons DNA either did not come from Langton by Spilsby, or that there was a non paternal event within the line at some point over the generations. This suggests a different Langton origin.

The family tree is now under analysis so that we can understand which is most likely.