Canadian and Lancashire Langtons

It seems that most of the Canadian Langtons of Ontario Canada derive from the Langtons in Lancashire. Its worth noting that there are other Langtons entering Canada, including Ontario from other branches, so you may or may not descend from the Lanashire lot talked about in this article. Only DNA will let you find out for sure.

The Lancashire Langtons in turn derive from Leicstershire, the son of Robert de Langton moving to Lancashire and marrying an heiress.

They inherited the estates of Newton and Walton and this stayed in the family for around 300 years. The last Langton, Sir Thomas, inherited at the age of eight, the estate comprising over 300 acres of land, 600 houses, and parlimentary representation. Married twice (once underage) but had no heir. Before dieing he had to sell some of the estate in order to pay compensation to the family of a man he had killed following the aleged theft of some of his cattle.

Thomas Langton sent Robert Langton of Lowe (a relative though its not clear how he fits in) to represent Newton and Walton.

Roger Langton, from a junior branch of the family bought Broughton Tower from Thomas Singleton in 1615, and it is his line, through his eldest son William, who holds this estate for some time, before again dying out in the male line, with another Roger Langton. It gets passed to a cousin, William Langton, who then passed it to his sister, Jane Raystorne (nee: Langton), with whome it falls out of the Langtons altogether.

Roger who bought Broughton Tower, had another Son called John, and he is the head of another branch appearing around 1600 in Kirkham, Lancashire. It is his descendant John Langton, who emigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1837 with most of his Family.

A final mention to another son of Roger Langton, Roger Jr. who was the youngest son. He emmigrated to Essex, Massachusets, seemingly via Jamacia for some years, where he left one of his two sons.