Born in the USA

By David Langton

25 April 2011

There are 2,261 Langtons in the USA representing about 20% of the world's total population of Langtons. This makes the USA a very significant population. In 1880 there were only 594 Langtons in the USA so either we're all breeding well or yet more are joining. The distribution of Langtons in the USA is very distinctive and perhaps follows waves of settlement. The densest and oldest population of all is in Rhode Island with a density of 0.005 followed by North Dakota 0.004, Utah 0.003, then Montana, New Hampshire, Michigan and Massachusetts 0.002. It should already be becoming clear that here we have groups of states; The earliest, the New England ones Rhode Island 53, New Hampshire 30, Massachusetts 147; We have what I'd call mid-western states (sorry if that's wrong) Utah 78, North Dakota 28, Montana 22; I'm not sure how to classify Michigan with 180, is this industrial heartland? Florida 151, is this retirement? California with the highest total presumably represents the last wave of movement in the twentieth century with 203. Lastly there is New York which was probably the point of entry for the vast majority of Langtons reaching the USA. These may have come over a large spread of years but it seems some of them stayed in New York which now rejoices in 178 Langtons.

It is interesting where you don't seem to find Langtons. There seems to be very few down the Eastern Seaboard or in the old confederate states in the South. So, if you are called Langton you probably became aware of Stephen Langton and Magna Charta and the influence that Magna Charta had on the American Constitution while you were still at school. The Octocentenary is in 2015 so you should be hearing a lot more of Magna Charta and Archbishop Stephan Langton. If you ever thought about where you came from, England might seem a long, long way away and you might have some vague idea of tracing your family back to Massachusetts or Rhode Island. Or maybe you're catholic and you know (or you think you know) your Langtons came from Ireland mid nineteenth century and you've read that they all came from Lancashire or Manchester (good story that one spoilt only by the suspicion that it's fabrication). Well, now you are in a position to do much better and push back much further.

If you get your DNA tested, we might be able to match you up with a particular Langton village in England where your forebears acquired the name Langton. Please take a look at the Langton DNA project. We can only do this if everybody plays their part. We need both modern day dispersed Langtons to have their DNA tested so we know how many and what strands we are dealing with and we need the Langtons that have never moved to have their DNA tested. Some Langtons in England represent the ancient populations and we are dependent on them to supply their DNA. This project is going to take a while to build up and it is very early days yet but please don't leave it to everyone else.

Some early Langtons in the USA are Joseph and Mary in Vermont 1846, Rev Levi Alstead, NH 1777, Edward Haverhill, Essex, Mass 1892, William in Boston, Mass 1822, George 1658 and Samuel 1676 in Northampton, Hampshire, Mass, George 1646 Springfield Mass, J 1638 Southwick, Mass, Joseph 1656 Windsor Conn, John 1655 Hartford Conn, George 1640 Wethersfield Conn, Abigail 1808 Groton, Conn, Mary 1602 Southold, Suffolk, NY, John 1679 Waterbury, Father Langton 1820 Patterson NY. If you are a Langton with a long history in New England your DNA begins to have an additional significance as the DNA of the early pioneers. Besides these early Langtons listed above there are dozens recorded as arriving in New York. Have a look at the world wide map displayed on this site.

If you have researched your Langton family tree do send us the information so that your ancestors can be added to the thousands on site. Two articles on the Langton distribution in the USA will appear on the site shortly. Above all when you lie down tonight to go to sleep, just say to yourself, 'USA DNA USA DNA USA DNA'.