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Welcome to "Lost Langtons"

This website exists to publish the genealogy of the dozen or so distinct Langton families and encourage the sharing of information on the Langton family for free in a central repository. The database contains more than 20,000 different Langton individuals from shortly after the Norman conquest of England in 1066 through to the modern day in which Langtons live all over the world.

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Although the database has not been updated for a while the site is still active and we'd love to hear from you.

If you're a Lost Langton (or Langston, Lenton, Landgon, etc.) yourself and don't know your family origin, then Start Here.

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Many people have contributed research to the site; their family trees, family history, stories, documents, photos, articles, their time and expertise, and their Y-DNA test results! We are grateful for any and all data passed to Lost Langtons that has added to this collaborative undertaking. Originally I kept a list of contributors but we have had so many over the years that it has become impossible to maintain the list, so I removed it rather than accidentally miss people out.

If you have data on the Langtons that would add to our collective knowledge, then please get in contact, so that everyone with a Langton interest can benefit from your work. We are happy to name and credit you on the site in some way, if you wish.

If you do not have new data to add, then please still get in contact, just to say hello!

The Langton family history is still under research and this site is regularly updated with new articles and information, as is the database of Langtons.

How to find information on this site

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This site has several pages of information, under the following categories.

The "Family Trees" button at the top of the page will display a list of the different Langton families trees from the root ancestor, there is also an index of all the different Langtons in the database, as well as all the other related family names. Furthermore, there is a search option so that you can search for individuals you are interested in and their Ancestor and Descendants.

The "Articles" button at the top of the page will display our research articles on the Langton family, which you can select to view those of interest to you. We would also love to hear your ideas and opinions so please get in contact via the "Contact Us" page.

The "Photos and Maps" button will take you to a page which displays maps of Langton villages which gave rise to the surname, places where Langtons have lived across the globe, and historically relevant photos and pictures.

The "Links" page contains lots of very useful links to other data sources and related websites.

The "DNA" page contains details on the Langton DNA project. A DNA test will allows you to discover which Langton village your family took their name from circa 1200 AD.

For information on the Kingham family, look here.

HELP: do you know anything about the Newbury Langtons?

My Father and I are descended from the Langtons of Newbury, Berkshire. But we don't know where they came from, read more here on our research into the Newbury Langtons.

If you can help get in contact.

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